Sunday, March 21, 2010

Choosing to Trust Life

let life unfold naturally...

The first time I heard this I had absolutely no idea what it meant.

"Let life unfold naturally"...yeah, right.

But as I committed myself to this new path of a life of insight and awareness - living life consciously - it began to make sense.

I began to notice just how much I had to control things - people and circumstances - in order to feel safe and validated.

I started noticing how often I tried to influence others lives and choices.

I became more aware of how easily I could become irritable when someone or something interfered with a carefully laid out plan that didn't go exactly the way I intended.

So, with gentle awareness of the many ways I was attempting to influence and orchestrate people and circumstances, I was able to begin to let go a little here...

and a little there...

And I also became aware of and was pleasantly surprised at how much less stressed I felt when I was able to relinquish control of situations and circumstances that were not mine to influence to begin with.

I realized...that I was learning to trust life, trust myself and to "let life unfold naturally".


Kyla said...
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Kyla said...

Great post- this is true, that we need to learn about control etc, and ive felt that way before- thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Nice to see you, Kyla!

At first it was hard to "see" it in myself, but in time I began to notice not only how I was trying to control the world outside of myself but also the times that I was avoiding someone or something and how I felt as though I didn't have a choice all the time.

Understanding this empowered me in many ways.

Have a great Sunday! We have sunshine today so yay!

Ray said...

Hi Susan!

Thanks for your welcoming message over at Mike's place. I'm really getting a breath of fresh air from your posts... thank you :) This one is a gem.


Unknown said...

Hi Ray and welcome to my bloghome! I am so pleased to meet you and thank you for your kind words! It means much to me to hear that others find something helpful in my writing :)

Wishing you peace and joy!